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Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Did you like the movie "Star Wars? I see, never that movie. My best friend and I know each other for over fifteen years. We still get together once a week.

Stinson is a fantastic writer. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple или Past Perfect. He to think that he to lose the money. Ann to tell me that she to see an interesting film. When I to come home, mother already to cook dinner.

perfect таблицы past simple present

When father to return from work, we already to do our homework. When the teacher to enter the classroom, the pupils already to open their books.

perfect past simple таблицы present

Kate to give me the book which she to buy the day before. Nick to show the teacher the picture which he to draw. The boy to give the goats the grass which he to bring from the field.

Mother to see that Nick not to wash his hands. The teacher to understand that Lena not to do her homework. I to know that my friend not yet to come. When I to wake up yesterday, father already to go to work. Nick to think that his father not yet to come home. Mary to tell us that she to cook a good dinner. Yesterday I to find the book which I to lose in summer.

When we to come to the station, the train already to leave. On my way to school I to remember that I to leave my report at home.

present past таблицы simple perfect

All my friend; to be glad to hear that I to pass all the examinations successfully. Poor Oliver to lie unconscious on the spot where Sikes to leave him. He to open his eyes, to look around and to try to remember what to happen to him. All the passengers to see at once that the old man to travel a great deal in his life. By the time we to come to see him, he to return home. During the holidays my friend to visit the village where he to live in his childhood. When they to enter the hall, the performance already to begin.

When I came home, my mother to tell me that she to receive a letter from grandfather. Where you to work before you to enter the institute? He to study French before he to enter the university. Lanny to say that he to get his education in Cape Town. The boy to want to act the main part in the play because he to organize the theatre.

Lanny not to know who to attack him in the darkness. The girl to be glad that she to find a seat near the window.

perfect simple present таблицы past

Suddenly he to remember that he not to ring her up in the morning. By the time the train to reach the city, he to make friends with many passengers. When my uncle to leave , he to hurry to the station to book a ticket. She to think that Gert and Lanny to quarrel. When I to meet Tom, he to eat an ice cream which he to buy at the corner of the street. When father to come home, we to cook the mushrooms which we to gather in the wood.

When I to see Ann, she to sort the flowers which she to pick in the field. When I to come home yesterday, I to see that my little brother to break my pen and to play with its pieces.

Past simple or present perfect?

When I to open the door of the classroom, I to see that the teacher already to come and the pupils to write a dictation. When I to come home, my sister to read a book which she to bring from the library. When mother to come home, the children to eat the soup which she to cook in the morning. When I to ring up Mike, he still to learn the poem which he to begin learning at school.

Таблицы present perfect past simple видеоролик

When I to look out of the window, the children to play with a ball which Pete to bring from home. Ответы Last night we to go to a football match. We to take a bus. The bus to be full of people as many people to want to see the match. We to get off the bus and to go in the direction of the stadium.

While we to cross the road, I to see Victor.

past таблицы present simple perfect

He to stand at the corner. He said he to wait for his friend who to come to St. Petersburg the day before and to wish to see the new stadium. A man to come up to me and asked if I to have a spare ticket for the match. Victor told us that two boys just to ask him whether he to have a spare ticket.

We to enter the stadium just as the football players to come out on to the field.

First, it can express a repeated action. When an action happened more than one time in the past, use the present perfect. I wanna know have you ever seen the rain? I wanna know have you ever seen the rain Coming down on a sunny day? Listen to actor Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in the movie Batman.

Before the Joker takes his victims, he asks them an unusual question. Tell me something, my friend.


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